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January 2018

Use of Wearable Technology in Remote Evaluation of Acute Stroke Patients: Feasibility and Reliability of Xpert Eye



November 2017

Seven rail technology trends set to shape our industry in 2017.

November 2017

Smart Glasses/construction

October 2017

Can you see my point of view?

May 2017

AMA XpertEye won smartrail awards 2017!

April 2017

Who are the winners of the SmartRail Europe Innovation Awards 2017?

April 2017

Rail and Metro Innovators rewarded at SmartRail Europe.

January 2017

Seven rail technology trends set to shape our industry in 2017


AMA and Proceedix are pleased to announce a new partnership...

AMA and Proceedix are delighted to officially announce their partnership to leverage the very best of both of their respective solutions..

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Problem solving over distances using smart glasses is as effective as face-to-face communication!

Cologne/Greifswald-Germany, 27.06.2018 – The Institute of Psychology of the University of Greifswald in Germany published a scientific study on AR-glasses as digital assistance for learning on the job.  Read more

Best of AMA XpertEye 2018 

Best of AMA XpertEye 2018 – Blog AMA XpertEye

It’s a real motivator to continue serving our customers with energy and excellence.In this month of January, it is the occasion to look back on some of 2018’s strongest moments. Read more

Is industry 4.0 an “industry of the future”?

Is industry 4.0 an “industry of the future”? – Blog AMA XpertEye

The mention of industry 4.0 first appeared in 2011 at the World Industry Forum in Hanover. This industry 4.0 term echoes the fourth industrial revolution after mechanization, industrialization and automation.Read more

Glass at Work Certified Partner : 4 Years and Counting!

What does it mean to be a certified partner of the “Glass at Work” program?

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