Our mission

We’ll do our utmost to ensure that our clients succeed.

Our vision

Move the world forward.

Our commitment

We work with strength and commitment to serve our clients and become a world leader in this new industry.

Our responsibility

Support and develop this technology in order to make it generic.

Our values

Skills and confidence

Our company’s philosophy is to recruit the best talents and serve our clients in order to help them to succeed.

Commitment and humanism

Contributing to innovation to help the world move forward is our daily challenge. We believe that perseverance and commitment in mutual respect for each other is the key to success. That’s why we emphasise values such as recognition, respect and attention within our teams.

Entrepreneurial spirit

Christian Guillemot grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and, like his four brothers, wanted to start his own business. This entrepreneurial spirit is a key value in our mission to fulfil our commitment and become leaders in this new industry.

Passion for technology

As a tech enthusiast, Christian Guillemot was the first European to work on smart glasses. AMA is among the top ten developers selected by GoogleTM to work on business applications for Google Glass.

Team spirit

With 26 different professions, 14 nationalities in 5 countries, in areas of expertise as diverse as communication, R&D, sales, operations and finance, the motto “working together” is key to our company’s evolution. Working together with our teams and clients is our strength and we strive for this on a daily basis.


This is a key value within our teams as well as with our clients. At AMA, it is the client who entrusts us with his/her problems, and solving them requires a full understanding of all our clients’ needs. We believe that we need to listen in order to be able to innovate.


The AMA team consists of all the experts needed in order to implement the AMA XpertEye solution in more than 1.070 facilities in 62 countries.


Adaptation and proactivity are of paramount importance to move the world forward. AMA offers a constantly evolving solution, according to clients’ needs. Naturally international, AMA has set its facilities worldwide and has opened subsidiaries in 5 different countries to provide all of its clients with the best possible service.

People factor

We build a relationship with our clients based on communication, attention, skills and trust.The primary focus within the AMA teams is to ensure that our clients succeed.


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Want to join us?

We already
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