Secure Global Wireless Operator

With the DUST SIM card, your communications
are guaranteed to be protected.


Strong authentication to prevent identity theft.


All communications are protected by a private network and end-to-end encryption.


Complete protection against attempted communication interception, tracking, and denial of service.


Wireless connectivity across 214 countries.


At least 2 cellular
networks per country.

User Experience

Automatic connection to the best available network.

The partnership between Dust and XpertEye ensures excellent communication, protected by voice and data encryption.

Dust Mobile is a mobile operator that specializes in providing secured communications worldwide.

Connect to 2G, 3G, 4G LTE networks in 214 ITU countries with end-to-end encryption from the Dust SIM card.

You have the ability to choose your level of security while enjoying the best available network provided by any of Dust Mobile’s 684 partners.